Saturday Night….

I was hoping to do my first video blog tonight, most likely explaining about I grew up in a house full of anxiety and describing some of the “games” we played with each other as a result.

Sadly, privacy is a major issue in my home at the moment.  I have two friends and their little boy staying with me while they look for an apartment or a house to rent, and a one-month commitment has just passed the three month point.

Between people coming in and out, a screaming youngster, and my inability to relax in this environment, I can’t attempt a recording.  Actually, on a stress and emotional level it isn’t that different from the anxiety of my childhood family.

I haven’t spent any time telling people about this site yet, so it isn’t as if anybody will be disappointed.  Except me…but that will be resolved soon.  In a few nights I’ll get some time alone and if the mood is right…

In the meantime, if anybody has any requests for particular stories, just email me at or leave a comment.

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