After Some Wine Episode 2 – “The Guitar” and Other Childhood Fun

Episode Two of After Some Wine: Post-wine confused ramblings on my mother, childhood, anxiety, “The Guitar,” morbid debates and conversations, and other fun aspects of the Whining Kent Pig household, for your enjoyment (or not) on video.  (and to answer the obvious question….no, I do NOT watch these before I post them.  Record, export, upload, post.  That’s it).

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Saturday Night….

I was hoping to do my first video blog tonight, most likely explaining about I grew up in a house full of anxiety and describing some of the “games” we played with each other as a result.

Sadly, privacy is a major issue in my home at the moment.  I have two friends and their little boy staying with me while they look for an apartment or a house to rent, and a one-month commitment has just passed the three month point.

Between people coming in and out, a screaming youngster, and my inability to relax in this environment, I can’t attempt a recording.  Actually, on a stress and emotional level it isn’t that different from the anxiety of my childhood family.

I haven’t spent any time telling people about this site yet, so it isn’t as if anybody will be disappointed.  Except me…but that will be resolved soon.  In a few nights I’ll get some time alone and if the mood is right…

In the meantime, if anybody has any requests for particular stories, just email me at or leave a comment.